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Thermometer / Hygrometer Tester


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Product Information

Data logger that offers simultaneous reading of temperature and air relative humidity, dew point temperature reading and built-in sensors, along with a cinch connector for connection of an external RTD Ni1000/6180ppm temperature probe. Surface, pointed-tip, insertion and other probes with cinch connector are also available with the PST-D3631 - Thermometer - hygrometer data logger.
PST-D3631 temperature and humidity data logger offers indication of temperature, difference of external probe and dew point, and an audio and visual alarm for the temperature difference, such as for monitoring of condensation, mould creation.
The PST-D3631, Thermometer – hygrometer data logger, available from Pacific Sensor Technologies, has the following measurement ranges:

Air temperature -10° to 60°
Probe temperature -50° to 250°
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
Dew-point from 30 to 90%RH

PST-D3631 Thermometer – hygrometer data loggers are designed for measurement and data logging of temperature and relative humidity into the internal non-volatile memory. Barometric pressure tendency reading is also available with other models.
PST-D3631 Thermometer – hygrometer data loggers are supplied with free PC programme to enable transfer of recorded data through RS232 serial link to the computer for evaluation. Data logger is connected to the PC through included communication cable only for data transfer from the memory. During connection with the PC no measurement and record is enabled.
The PST-D3631, Thermometer – hygrometer data logger offers the following advantages:

Dual line LCD display with special symbols
Dew-point reading
Barometric pressure tendency reading for last three hours
Adjustable dual alarm with audio indication for each channel
Memory of minimum and maximum values
Function Hold - manual storing of actual values for later displaying

The PST-D3631, Thermometer – hygrometer data logger is suitable for the following industries:

Food and beverages industry (HACCP)
Pharmaceutical industry (GMP)
Blood stations, pharmacie
Horticulture and cultivation of plants
HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling
Building and energy management
Building automation
Research and development
Laboratories (GLP)
Mining and mineral processing


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