ADF Reflective Sheeting 1m

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  • ADF Reflective Sheeting 1m

ADF Reflective Sheeting 1m


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Product Information

In an indoor growing situation the more light your plants get the more they yield. Therefore it is essential and productive that you use Reflective Sheeting. Mylar is the most reflective material you can buy with over 95% of light been reflected back towards your plants. This material is ideal to use in combination with a grow light. A perfect way to maximise your growlight. Mylar reflects back light, increasing the efficiency of any unit. In additon also stops escaping heat making it infrared proof!!! • The Metagro range of reflective sheeting offers you the highest quality option for growers who want maximum yield from their plants. • It is the only reflective sheeting that has Encapsulated Metal Protection (EMP) achieved through an advanced laminate bonding technology exclusive to the range. • The reflective metal layer is sandwiched behind a clear protective PET film that gives protection against damage and corrosion from heat, humidity, moisture and handling.

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