Voodoo Shield 250ml

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  • Voodoo Shield 250ml
  • Voodoo Shield 250ml

Voodoo Shield 250ml


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Product Information

Key Features:

Powerful and safe, triggers plants own systems to fend off pests such as mites.
Improves plants resilience to disease attack and powdered mildew.
Voodoo Shield is not temperature dependent making it weather-proof.
Increases root length and mass.
Quickly metabolizes within the plant and presents no residual hazards.


Voodoo Shield is a uniquely blended formula that works from the inner core of your plant and is very effective at preventing any diseases, killing predators such as spider mites and stopping powdered mildew from forming during the lifespan of your plant.
When it comes to Voodoo Shield the clue is in the name, Voodoo Shield literally creates an invisible barrier from within your plant that is excellent at protecting your plants from everyday pests and diseases. This has been achieved through a blend of specially researched ingredients resulting in a formula that is totally unbeatable when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your plants

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