Spidermite Control 100ml

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  • Spidermite Control 100ml

Spidermite Control 100ml


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Product Information

Control of spider mite is an essential part of successful plant cultivation. It is especially important indoors or in greenhouses where mites are favoured by the conditions and populations can explode. Spidermite Control is a preparation of natural organic vegetable oils and extracts that will quickly eradicate mite populations and mitigate the damage they cause. * Spidermite Control is blended from pure plant extracts ? no toxic chemicals whatsoever are used in its formulation. * Spidermite Control is totally safe and can be used in confined situations, such as grow rooms and greenhouses. * No special equipment is needed. * Poses no threat to children or animals. 100% Organic 100% Safe 100% Effective

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