Hailea V20 Air Pump

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  • Hailea V20 Air Pump

Hailea V20 Air Pump


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Product Information

Hailea V series air pumps are manufactured to a very high standard and work extremely well at delivering plenty of bubbles into your water, to provide higher oxygen levels. These are great air pumps for large hydroponic tanks and also for large aquariums.
Hailea V series air pumps are metal cased for quiet running and have rubber feet fitted to prevent any vibration on the surface they are placed on. These air pumps are designed to run several air stones or air curtains and come with a manifold for you to connect them easily with some air tubing. These air pumps can run 24/7 or they can be placed onto a timer to run and require a low, power consumption, very popular with growers making their own DWC systems.

V20 Air Pump 4 outlet - 20 litre of air per minute, 15 watt power consumption

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