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After you have choose your lighting and air circulation, next inline is to choose a growing system, there is a very wide range of growing system available a One Stop for Growing, including Hydroponic systems, for example NFT grow tanks, Flo Gro’s, Ebb & Flood, Wilma systems, Aqua farms and Water farms. If fast growth and massive yields is what you are looking for then the briliiant aeroponic system called the Amazon is the growing system for you. For the indoor grower that prefers the method of growing in a soil or coco coir based medium then a system like the Autopot is an option or the gibs irrigation dripper system. For more technical kits, yet still very user friendly there are the IWS systems and the multiflow.
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  • Gro-Tank GT604 Kit

    Gro-Tank GT604 Kit

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