3"x4" Grodan Cubes x8

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  • 3_x4_ Grodan Cubes x8

3"x4" Grodan Cubes x8


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Product Information

Grodan™ Cubes: Ideal for all types of hydroponic growing, these products offer you ideal air/water balance, simple controllability of water and nutrients and strong root growth throughout the entire block. Grodan Rockwool Wrapped Blocks - 75mm (3") Cubes with 36mm Planting hole for cutting cubes. Grodan Rockwool, high quality Rockwool, a leading product in the Worlds commercial and hobby grow market. Grodan has a higher density than alternative brands and makes an ideal media for most Hydroponic applications. Grodan rockwool blocks can support small to medium sized plants from start to finish, but are most often used in combination with the 36mm cubes and slabs for longer term crops such as tomatoes.

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