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Essentials EC Meter


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Product Information

The Essentials EC meter an extremely accurate and professional handheld electrical conductivity meter, which makes it one of the best EC meters to test the potency of a solution after nutrients have been added. The Essentials EC meter gives you a reading in 0.1 increments. This provides you with a highly accurate reading and ensures you have your solution at the optimum level in relation to what stage of your plants cycle you are at. This is one of the user-friendly EC meters on the market. Simply turn the meter on and immerse the sensor in your solution. The unit will instantly display the EC reading on the large screen, so that you can easily read it. Regularly calibrate your Essentials EC meter so to ensure you always get the most accurate EC reading possible. The Essentials EC meter can be easily calibrated with an EC calibration solution. These EC meters cost less per sample than competing high quality testers and work just as well. The meters roughly have a 1 to 3 year lifespan depending on the rate of sampling. (Units are good for a minimum of 365 accurate tests). The Essentials EC meters have an energy saving feature that shuts off the tester when it is not in use. This ensures accurate readings at all times. The meter also has a handy battery meter to let you know when the batteries need replacing so as to prevent inaccurate readings.

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