PowerPlant SunMate Twin Grow Shade

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  • PowerPlant SunMate Twin Grow Shade

PowerPlant SunMate Twin Grow Shade


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Product Information

Sunmate Twin CFL Reflector 150w/250w (2 bulbs)
The SunMate Twin is a brand new purpose built CFL reflector, designed to hold two compact fluorescent lamps! The SunMate Twin Reflectors are highly reflective and closed end which can be used for larger propagation areas or for growing on.
The SunMate Twin Reflector allows you to mix your lighting, meaning you can use one blue and one red CFL to optimise the spectrum of light for controlled growth.
Features include:
�One switch for each light; enabling you to have one on and one off. �Double parabolic reflector shape to focus light effectively. �Deep reflector height to house large CFL�s comfortably.
The Sun Mate Grow Twin Reflector can be used in a range of growing situations:
�It can take the place of HID lighting in very small grow rooms. �Can be combined with HID lighting to increase yields. �Ideal for larger propagation areas.
It can be used to encourage vegetative growth prior to your plants being planting in your main grow room and therefore reduce transplant shock.
This Sun Mate Grow Twin Reflector does not include lamps.

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