GroPonics EA Boost PK18:20 250ml

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  • EA Boost 250ml

GroPonics EA Boost PK18:20 250ml


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Product Information

1. Concentrated PK 18:20 designed to provide supplementary nutrition in all flowering plants.2. Maximises flower buds and shoot growth3. Promotes flowering using natural hormones from plant extracts
EA Boost (Extreme Accelerator) will boost the metabolism of your plants from root to fruit, ensuring the uptake of essential nutrients, which are crucial to a plant’s health. EA Boost combines three products into one, making it the ultimate bio-stimulant! EA Boost is suitable for all types of cultivation substrates – soil, hydro and coco and all irrigation systems.
• Improved Yields
EA Boost is a bio stimulant that aids in the development of new flowers. Meaning fruits can become heavier than normal. EA Boost helps the fruit ripen gradually which results in a more consistent/uniform harvest. EA Boost is unique because not only does it guarantee higher yields, but it also ensures better taste. EA Boost consistently produces better, more consistent results than competing products. 
• Perfect for use with all growing mediums
EA Boost is a universal flowering stimulator, which means it can be used with any growing system and can also be combined with any feeding combination, regardless of variations. First and foremost EA Boost is meant to be added to the substrate. But thanks to the versatility of the product it can also be used as a leaf spray (foliar feeding - follow feeding chart). Applying EA Boost as a foliar spray has the advantage of allowing the plant to absorb the flowering stimulator directly through its leaves making it immediately effective.
 • No need for separate PK when using EA Boost
EA Boost uses the highest PK ratio on the market. This is known as PK 18:20 and it really gives EA Boost the edge over other products. EA Boost is not a nutrient, it is an additive that increases the plant’s photosynthesis - this helps make up a plant’s metabolism. The heightened metabolism helps the plant’s fruits form faster.
• Stronger immune systems, bigger ripening, brighter flowering, better everything
EA Boost contains flowering stimulators, which results in powerful consistent ripening. But that’s not all. EA Boost also contains natural flowering regulators, which help develop the fruit in a more uniform manner, so when it comes to flowering, the flowers develop faster. EA Boost also boasts improved energy regulation, which helps the plant resist fatigue and diseases. If energy is not distributed equally and consistently throughout the plant’s life cycle diseases will often strike when the plant can least afford it. Photosynthesis greatly increases the sugar production in the fruits meaning the fruits will taste sweeter and the natural flavours and aromas of the plants will be produced in higher concentrations. EA Boost truly boosts the metabolism of a plant and makes it healthier. There is nothing else with the user-friendliness and effectiveness of EA Boost on the market. The inclusion of its own unique PK ratio really sets EA Boost apart and ensure great results every time.
Directions for Use (Application Rates)

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE*• 0.5ml per litre - From the start of week 3• 1ml per litre - For week 4• 1.5ml per litre - For week 5• 2ml per litre - For week 6• 2ml per litre - For week 7• 2.5ml per litre - For week 8• Flush - Final week
Typical Analysis:Phosphate (P2O5): 180g/lPotassium (K23O): 200g/l

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