GroPonics EA Boost Bang Powder 60G Sachet

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GroPonics EA Boost Bang Powder 60G Sachet


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Product Information

What is bang powder?

Bang powder is a world class PK Booster that has been designed to enhance and improve flowering sites. The results are increased amounts of fully formed fruits. Once the plants have matured and the fruits begin to flower Bang powder will enhance growth, and perpetuate development and size in all fruits, meaning fuller yields, more density and more potent aromas. Bang Powder creates new a layeron top of the existing fruit and could increase yields up to 40%

Directions for use (Application rates)

Ensure your EC value is at 1.2 in your reservoir using bloom feed FIRST. Bang Powder is to be used in the last 3-4 weeks before harvest. Week 5 - 60g to 1ooL of water Week 6 - 90g to 100L of water Week 7 - 120g to 100L of water Week 8 – 120g to 100L of water Week 9 – Flush

Additional Information

Package Quantity: 1

Plant Phase: Bloom

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