CANNA Cannazym 250ml

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  • Cannazym 250ml

CANNA Cannazym 250ml


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Product Information

Cannazym is a high quality enzyme additive comprised of twelve different enzymes, vitamins and extracts from desert plants. Cannazym breaks down dead root material in the rootzone and activates beneficial micro-organisms which greatly increases the nutrient absorption of your plants. In addition to this, Cannazym increases resistance against pathogenic organisms and disease. In plant root systems, roots die and new roots are formed. Without cannazym the remains of dead roots stay in the rootzone and form an ideal environment for pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic moulds have grown in the dead root material, they then pose a threat to the healthy roots which are easily affected leading to plant stress and stunted growth.Cannazym is one of our favourite products that always seems to give you much better results come harvest time. Try it and see.

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