CANNA Boost 1Ltr

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CANNA Boost 1Ltr


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Product Information

One of the latest and greatest innovations to come from the experts at Canna. Purposely designed to stimulate early flower development for bigger, juicier fruits and flowers, Canna Boost Accelerator actually increases your plants rate of photosynthesis - causing them to behave as though they're exposed to extra light. Expect higher yields as well as much improved taste and quality thanks to the higher levels of nutrient uptake and sugar production. Simply phenomenal! Research shows that this incredibly effective flowering booster actually delivers more when used in conjunction with Canna PK13/14. Canna Boost Accelerator stimulates your plant into a faster, better and more consistent flowering response, whilst Canna PK13/14 provides the necessary flowering elements to support this additional growth. The perfect combination

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